Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back to San Benedicto!

Today we started our scuba diving adventure at San Benedicto. We arrived this morning after two days at  “Roca Partida” and the first dive site we stopped at was “El Boiler”, the weather conditions were not the best, water temperature around 77ºF/25ºC and visibility less than 30 feet/10 meters, but still our divers were able to see the dolphins and a giant manta around the rock. At the end of the dive the current got pretty strong so for the second dive we had to use the stern line to descend to the rock. The visibility was poor and because of the current, some of the divers stayed close to the rock and some others drifted with the current. A family of three divers found a giant manta and she stayed with them around 30 minutes, very friendly and playful with the bubbles.
For the third dive of the day we moved to “El Cañon”, the visibility was better here and the current wasn’t bad. We were following the rock formation looking for mantas and sharks. A group of three white tip sharks were hanging out on the sand, so the divers had the opportunity to take some good pictures of them. Also we saw octopuses, a spotted moray eel, a zebra moray eel and lobsters hidden on the rocks. The last dive of the day we did it on this same dive site, for this dive the visibility was better, around 40 feet so we decided to go further out following a school of jacks, kicking against the current for a bit but we had our reward, a hammer head shark came towards us and a couple more were below.
This is our dive adventure today, we hope tomorrow the weather conditions improve a bit as we have another fantastic day of diving ahead of us!

DM onboard the Solmar V

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