Friday, February 7, 2014

On both dives we had encounters with 5-6 different Mantas at el Canon!

Dive Trip Report Jan 29, 2014
We couldn’t go to Roca last night due to weather conditions, so we stayed another day at San Benedicto.
We made the first two dives at El Cañon and realized the water temperature has just starting to drop a bit, now in the mid 70's but it cleaned the water up and the visibility was better than it was last trip. On both dives we had encounters with 5-6 different Mantas together swimming in line formation over the ridge, some of these Mantas we saw yesterday at El Boiler and now have moved to El canon, I think they were chasing us up to here to keep enjoying our bubbles! Also we saw 5 dolphins on the first dive that played constantly with the bigeye jacks as they like to do.
By the third and the fourth dive the Mantas weren’t there anymore, so instead hanging out by the anchor line waiting for more Manta shows, we went to the cleaning station where we found 6 juvenile silvertip sharks were cleaned by butterfly fishes. It seems that every time more baby silvertips are joining to the cleaning station.  This afternoon the wind has came down a bit which now the conditions are the ideal ones to go to Roca tonight, woo hoo!! 
Stay tuned for more adventures on the Solmar V!
Hasta la vista,

Erick Higuera.

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