Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby tiger, white tip sharks, and more on our checkout dive at San Benedicto!

We open this trip doing a check out dive at Las Cuevas in San Benedicto, the water temperature was around 77F/25C and a visibility of 40'/12m. 
People jumped to the water and checked their buoyancy, right after they got ready we swam toward one of the little caves where normally the whitetip reef sharks are resting during daylight. Right when we were looking at this bottom dweller sharks, a not that small shark with a blunt head cruised gentle by on top of the cave, it was a "baby" 10 ft tiger shark that made a brief approach to a couple of our divers for then vanished in the blue. Almost all the little caves where full of whitetip reef sharks, we also spotted several electric rays that some patrolled the bottom while others slept buried under it.
After the dive we moved to the anchorage side of the island to had our classic mexican taquisa for dinner and spent the night in a nice and calm shelter.
The dive plan for tomorrow is to start at 8 am at El Boiler hoping to find some friendly mantas and the dolphins that always come only in the mornings to the dive sites of San Benedicto, just to get clean and later chase the bigeye jacks.
Stay tuned for more adventures with the folks of the Solmar V.
Hasta la vista,
Eric Higuera

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