Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First thing we saw on our checkout dive was a massive Galapagos Shark!

Dive Report Jan 27th, 2014
To increase the excitement of our new group on board to go diving as we got closer to Isla San Benedicto two different times two different pod of dolphins made up of 20-30 dolphins were riding the bow of Solmar V doing all sort things like big jumps, swimming belly up keeping up with our speed which was 9nt/h, surfing swells, etc. and we had them for a long time!
Once we got to the island it was time to setup and go diving! Our check out dive took place at EL CAÑON, Vis was about 30ft/ 10m, water temp still 77 ̊F/ 25˚V, no current at all! As we went down on the rope and over the ridge, the first thing that appeared in front of us was a big 8' Galapagos shark! Although we knew it would be unlikely that we would see hammerheads because it was so late in the day, other  sharks were, like white tips and juvenile silver tips! And in the afternoon the best spot to find them is at a spot we call the corner, and they just swim circles over this rock! So just take your seat and wait for the best shot! As we were moving more into the dive, lobsters, green moray eels, lots of fish, one thing I did not want to forget to mention is a frog fish! Yes we found one, very colorful, light purple, white, and some other colors, at only 3.0” it is really difficult to find and it was a very special treat on our first day!
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Daniel Zapata

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