Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is in the water!

We begun our dive day early in the morning hoping to find the big pod of dolphins that we normally find in the mornings, with a water temperature of 77 F/25 C and a visibility of 50’/15m and a mild current, the conditions seemed to be perfect for a great dive! 
As soon as we went down to  the cleaning station, two chevron mantas were already there like they were waiting for us! There was a strong north current that brought a chilly thermocline of 75F and slightly more murky water. While we hung on the reef, 5 dolphins swam by and played for a brief instant with the divers before disappearing into the blue.
On our third dive the current picked up a bit and we decided to go with it and drift along the reef! The current took us could just over the cleaning station where we spotted 3 mantas being cleaned by Clarion Angelfishes. Our fourth and last dive was in the dusk, even though the light was low, we saw hundreds of Convict Tangs that swam in formation over the reef and against the current to start mating. Besides these beautiful yellow fishes, the Flounders were preparing to mate too. We had also the chance to see the typical resident school of Steel Pompanos, along with a whale that showed a lot of pectoral fin slapping at the surface and of course several breaches, it was a big male trying to attract a mate! Tonightwe are heading for Roca Partida!
Stay tuned and stand by for more adventures on the Solmar V.
Hasta la vista,
Erick HIguera

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