Thursday, February 6, 2014

7am in the water, and do you know why? Dolphins!

Dive Report Jan 28th, 2014
We did 4 dives here at EL CANON!
Starting as early as 7am in the water, and do you know why?  Dolphins! While the dive briefing was going on dolphins were jumping in the water waiting for us! We had amazing dives here, all day, to name them some of the things we saw included: dolphins, white tips, Galapagos shark although was only one but it was big! A silky shark chasing a ball of striped bonitos, Juvenile Silver tip sharks in our last dive of the day, of course some hammer heads and mantas that were very friendly, they came to stay with our divers blowing bubbles on them, the vis was from 30ft to 50ft/ 10m to 15m, water temp 77 ˚F/25 ˚C, current was absent all day which made the dive very easy and comfortable to many.
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