Saturday, February 8, 2014

We never felt alone while underwater since we had manta, fish, sharks, wahoo, tunas and more to keep us company!

Dive Report Jan 30th, 2014.
We had an amazing day spent at Roca, with good surface conditions: sunny, mild breeze, 80 ˚F! Swells 3 to 4ft.  We noticed a bit of current from West, the water column from surface to depth was full of fish all types, Vis was well over 100ft/30m, water temp 77 ̊F/25˚C. At depth we checked out the north point a bit where we found 6 silver tip sharks, so we go pass the school of fish like into the blue, and it is amazing just to float neutral at this depth, you look behind lots of fish and the other side just blue! We drifted south encountering coming at us 8 Galapagos sharks, on the south point the current took us to a place to enjoy the rest of the dive in the company of a chevron manta.
Our surface interval was sunny, relaxing and kept us all awake, there were humpbacks in the area, and you can tell males chasing others while we think a female was just relaxing about 200ft away from Solmar V.
After our surface interval, while we were descending we reached a depth of 80ft/24m , and the wall of Roca was still beautiful. They were there, 50 to 60 hammerheads approximately along with black jacks, we did not chase them at all, and as a reward they stayed for long! Some of them swam straight at us posing for the pictures, then went into the deep we only saw shadows of them.  You have to be excited always about diving! The surface conditions were still great for a third dive!
The place to start was north point, just descending we noticed something going on, 15 to 20 white tips sharks were in feeding frenzy at only 40ft/12m, even better have never seen one to happen day time! In the same area we were eye witnesses to yellow fin tunas hunting for bait fish nonstop! Galapagos shark came up to check it out, so curious! To end up the dive we had once again the manta for a long safety stop, we never felt alone while underwater since manta, fish, sharks, wahoo, tunas were there.
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