Sunday, February 2, 2014

We counted 9 different mantas on our last day at San Benedicto!


We started our last day of the trip doing our first dive early in the morning hoping to find the pod of dolphins that gave us a show on the first day of the trip. At the beginning of the dive several dolphins played at the surface, when we got in the water only 4 stayed around just for a brief time, suddenly something happened that made them to took off like crazy and didn’t come back again.
At the corner of the cleaning station, several juvenile Silvertip Sharks were getting cleaned by Butterfly Fishes, this time the current was not blowing to bring up some hammerhead sharks, but still few here and there, and a few cruised along the ridge.
After the first dive we went offshore in the quest of some possible baitballs, we found some but they had just yellow fin tunas that swam so fast that we could not keep up with them after several attempts, it was time to go back to scuba diving. We had two more dives before we set sail for Cabo.
The water conditions around San Benedicto were not the ideal, there have been huge swells coming from south and north and have been crashing on the beach thus removing the sand that has gone offshore drifting trough the dive sites limiting the visibility to only 20-30’/6-10m, so we took the chances and anchored at El Boiler hoping to enjoyed some more mantas before to go back to Cabo San Lucas.
So, going down along the stern anchor and as soon as we reached the anchor, oh yeah, the Mantas were around! Even though the visibility was limited the friendly mantas kept coming back and forth, we just needed to stay in one spot and wait for them. We saw a total of 9 different playful mantas that closed this trip with a golden ribbon!
Hasta la próxima amigos!

Erick Higuera

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