Saturday, February 22, 2014

Non-stop action at Roca Partida!

Roca Partida
The day we were waiting for! The surface was a bit windy at times, but nothing we weren't prepared to handle.  Everyone was excited during the dive briefing, and once we hit the water our first stop was the East side right at the ledges with white tip sharks! There were white tips all over the place, we spent a good amount of time taking lots of pictures. The surge in this area was heavy today so we stayed a little away from the rock, enough to see the parade of Galapagos shark traveling from south to north at 50 ft (15m) of water! 4 hammer heads crossed our path, visibility was 100ft (30m) plus! A lonely silky shark was also in the area and was very curious for normally shy sharks, it came back to us several times to check us out very close, while all of this was happening we had the joy of listening different vocalizations of humpbacks! We stayed at the north point for the rest of the dive, with lots of fish there from surface till 80ft of water, and 15 Galapagos sharks circling below. As we were ascending and drifting a 4ft long mobula ray found us during our safety stop We spent our surface interval watching 3 different groups of whales around the area!
A second dive kept us excited! We entered the water on the east side again, and as we descended we noticed the number of Galapagos sharks circling below had grown from 15 to 21!  We know the north point has a lot of activity so we spent most of our time there again, with black jacks, redtail trigger fish, creole fish, and a pair of huge yellow fin tunas chasing everything! We did our safety stop among fish but our bonus was to be eye witness of a male Galapagos shark chasing a female around and swimming through our group of divers several times. Once we were sitting in the the zodiac waiting for the other divers to come up we watched a male humpback demonstrates the power of his flukes by slapping them on the surface of the water 51 times non stop!
The third dive was also great, we had the company of a black manta for a little while and  once again Galapagos sharks in the north point, the bonus here was to find the school of 40 to 50 hammer heads visible from a depth of 50ft (15m), during the whole day the water temperature was 75 ̊F (23.8 ̊C) to 77 ̊F (25 ̊C), mild current from East.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata 

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