Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Roca Partida was great in big numbers of pelagic life as always!

Roca Partida was great in big numbers of pelagic life as always! We found huge schools of Whitemouth Jacks, Bigeye and Black Jacks as well, Whitetip Reef Sharks patrolling the rock and others piled up on top of each other in the built-in pockets that feature Roca, and nonetheless the thousands of Pacific Creolefishes, Crosshatch Triggerfishes and the beautiful Morish Idols that with all together make up the residents of this rock in the middle of nowhere! Also a chevron Manta that cruised gently around Roca Partida, however didn't seem like it was looking for the typical bubble massage. And the Sharks? Well, the Sharks were there but they were deep,  still staying under the thermocline which is at 140-170 feet (42-50 m), well beyond our recreational safe limits. Even though they were too deep for us, we could still see them well from 130'/40 m.
The visibility was around 70'/20 m and the water temperature was still in the 75 F/24 C, I think it's a little warm to bring up the sharks shallower, let's see what what happens with temp. changes within the next several weeks.
Tonight we'll head back to San Benedicto hoping to find more dolphins chasing jacks in the early dives, quite a few friendly mantas and expecting to spend time at El Canyon where we can find good Hammerhead Sharks encounters and who knows, maybe Humpbacks, perhaps!?
Stay tuned for the next adventures with the folks of the Solmar V.
Hasta la vista!
Erick Higuera

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