Monday, February 10, 2014

A very high octane day on our first full day back at San Benedicto!

Dive Report Feb 8th, 2014.
First day of the trip and we already have lots of people excited about it! 
We had barely started our dive briefing and a humpback whale was already distracting us! Less than 200 yards from the boat, excitement was in the air! 
The dive at EL CAÑON started with one black manta, lots of fish and once again a frogfish! At the corner a hammer head was just cruising along the area, we like this spot because it involves lots jacks descending from shallow water making a connection with the ones on the bottom! White tips were there also, swimming around the rocks! Lobsters, tiger snakes, green moray eels, octopus, a mild current was hitting the reef from the west, visibility was from 40 to 50ft with a water temp at 77F.  During our surface interval the humpback whale was in the area but now even closer to the Solmar V! Less than 30 yards away! This opportunity was too inviting, so we got in the water with our snorkeling gear and briefly got to snorkel with about 20 dolphins at the same time, and the pod was one we knew from before! We were so excited and happy to see these kind of things!
The second dive started descending on the back line! As we went more into the dive, before we knew it we were accompanied by two mantas, a chevron and black one, the black one was way more friendly staying with us for a long time, swimming over our heads and we just kept blowing bubbles! It was difficult to leave this friendly manta but unfortunately it was time for our safety stop, and the same manta kept following us, so we were hanging on the rope with the manta just beneath us swimming circles! What a great dive!
During the surface interval we spent time following a whale that was just teasing us! When we though it was a good time to hop in the water to spot the whale, we did not see the whale but we saw the pod of 20 dolphins we kept running into.  So we decided to snorkel for a while with them, on top of that there were 3 mantas feeding on the surface!
For the third dive we decided to go look for mantas! And find them we did! We started the dive with mantas and the icing on the cake was we finally got to see that "hard to find whale"  for 30 seconds! It came back to us within 30 seconds for another pass! So fantastic! The dive went on with lots of fish. We had great vis 80ft/24m, water temp 77 ̊F/25 ̊C! In shallow water we saw beautiful coral, tiger snakes, green morays, giant electric rays, long nose butterfly fish, jacks and a safety stop accompanied by a 12ft long manta!
On the fourth dive we came back to Tres Hermanos, it was a mellow dive, with a bit of current from NW just gliding over the reef, where we spotted white tips, lobsters, big scorpion fish, and more! A very high octane day!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata.

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