Sunday, February 9, 2014

We continued to enjoy Roca with great conditions just like our previous day!

Dive Report Jan 31th, 2014.
We continued enjoying Roca with great surface conditions from our previous day, underwater it seemed that hammer heads were playing hide and seek but in the end we found them! Also the feeding frenzy with white tip sharks continued today.  We spotted two Mantas on second dive, one of them was very playful for a very long time, one of the dives today went far beyond our limit of bottom time because of the manta, which we liked it! The other one wanted to stay a bit away from divers, the current was there also from west, vis in letters blue water! We knew dolphins were some where nearby because they were singing, but never saw them underwater.
No third dive! Our guests instead wanted to chase some humpback whales, we tried several times but were not very successful although they were very close to the pangas, our last attempt was to chase a single one when we approached to it 5 to 7 dolphins were with, so that is the singing from our previous dive, any way we all got in to snorkel with dolphins, a silky shark was also there coming very close for a picture or two. Water temp 77 ˚F/25 ̊C.
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