Thursday, February 13, 2014

Current from the north brings nutrient rich water and a ton of life at San Benedicto!

El Boiler was the place to dive today!
As we were setting the back anchor line dolphins were already playing near the boat inviting us to get in the water right away, so we did! There was a strong current from north in the water,  so we were hoping to see some shark action here. The visibility was great early in the morning at over 100', with a water temp in the high 70's. The current brought with it rich nutrients which attract lots of fish, it was fun to see more white tip sharks, lobsters, octopus, flounders, and jacks, than normal thanks to the nutrients along with some clarion angel fish endemic to the Revillagigedos. Towards the end of the dive mantas came over and we had a little bit of time to enjoy them, they were putting a little distance in between but still graceful as always posing for our cameras!
The surface interval gave us something to do as well! There were humpbacks whales in the area, so we went whale watching their singing during first dive was amazing, something you have to experience here with us!
A second dive also welcomed us in a current coming now from south, it was nice! With it came over 4 mantas! Since current was present we spent most of the dive in the north side of the rock with dolphins and mantas! Honestly we barely noticed the rock was there because more dolphins singing and mantas very friendly, the distance between them and divers was almost zero! A Galapagos shark was acting as a sand paper for many jacks to get rid off some bugs!
Third dive mother nature decided to turn the current off! A single hammer head shark in the area was making circles in just one spot, but the north side of the rock was still the place to dive, with 6 mantas both chevrons and blacks that were were playing with us! Just imagine yourself not swimming at all because the mantas were coming from from all directions! The vis was only 30ft/10m, water temp still the same 77 ̊F/25 ̊C.
An enjoyable panga ride guided by Geronimo was also amazing along the shore, our guests got lots of pictures above the surface of pinnacles, rock formations, swells braking into the walls, and of course more humpback whales nearby! 
A fourth dive made us count more mantas so I can say today was our manta day, lovely creatures that remind us to slow down your life underwater and enjoy what you see, mimic their movements! Just feel the moment! How not to if you are involved in up to 9 mantas around you throughout the whole day!
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Daniel Zapata  

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