Thursday, May 22, 2014

4-5 mantas playing with our divers on every dive!

We did our dives at Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island, the water conditions were good for the first and second dive, temperature around 77ºF/26ºC and visibility 60 feet/18m with extra current on our last dive of the day. Underwater we found 4 or 5 mantas playing with our bubbles on each dive, white tip sharks, octopuses, flounders and lobsters to take pictures of. On the last dive, because of the increased current, we got to do a drift dive from the panga and simply drift with the current! As usual, the mantas were the main interest of the people, some time we had four at the same time one after the other like a train. All of them were very friendly and came very close to the divers, almost at a hand's reach. Some of the divers stayed in the water for more than an hour because the mantas never left us, until we had to go because no more air in our tanks! The best dive was the last one with one manta circling us for more than 40 minutes going up and down, from one diver to the other and so on until we run out of air again after 70 minutes of diving. Today we had another excellent day of diving in Revillagigedo, now we are heading to San Benedicto for our last day of scuba diving!
Pablo DM onboard

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