Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A lot of shark action and great conditions at Roca Partida!

After 10hrs of smooth navigation last night we arrived at Roca Partida! We awoke to very nice weather with a very smooth swell, cool breeze and dolphins jumping around the boat! After breakfast we had our briefing before going getting in the pangas at 8am for our first dive of the day! Water today was about 26C/79F at the surface and pretty much all the way down to 70ft /21m where we found a thermocline and slightly colder water. As soon as we descended on the east wall of the rock we spotted a bunch of white tip reef sharks, schooling jacks and a few silky sharks that where hanging around 50ft/15m.  We went a little bit deeper and foudn there was no current, just the usual surge that we always have at the rock.We decided to go around the rock and find out what life was waiting for us. When we got to the south west corner of the rock we found 8 Galapagos sharks, then silver tips came out of the blue and as we swam next to the west wall we kept finding more and more sharks! We decided to stay around the north point for a while as there was a big school of jacks and steel pompanos where you could see the sharks swimming between them which made very good pictures for our divers. Towards the end of the dive after looking at the little caves full of white tip reef sharks we swam in to the blue and we found a school of about 30 hammerheads to finish our dive doing a safety stop looking at a huge school of stripped bonitos being chased by the silky sharks! On our second and third dive of the day we had more sharks showing up pretty much all the way around the rock and solo hammerheads getting pretty close to our divers, at least close enough to catch them on video and enjoy the dance they do as the swim. To close the day we found a pod of 4 dolphins at the end of the third dive, they got pretty close and swam around the divers for a few minutes before they disappeared in to the blue waters. What a first day at Roca Partida!...lets see what the rock has for us tomorrow... 

DM aboard Solmar V

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