Friday, May 23, 2014

What a day we had back at San Benedicto!

It was our last day of diving on this trip and what a day we had back at San Benedicto! We awoke to a pod of dolphins and a 3 silky sharks around the boat, and getting everyone excited and wanting to get in to the water to get nice pictures and video of them.
We started at "El Canion" for the first 2 dives of the day. We headed down the descent line with a mild east current and a water temperature of 26C/79F, as we hit 24m/80ft we found a little thermocline of about 24C/75F. We were expecting to see the dolphins straight away as we heard them singing as we descended but to our surprise was a Chevron manta the one waiting for us! We spent some time playing around with it as we swam towards the northeast corner of our dive site, on the way we saw a few solo hammerheads getting close to the rocks. Once at the cleaning station juvenile silver tip sharks came by and a few green morays were sticking out of the rocks, not much hammerhead activity until we came back to the area on our second dive! Then we all headed in to the blue in different directions, a group found a school of 11 hammerheads, after waiting patiently the hammerheads came really close to pose for the cameras! The other group was even luckier, as they saw a school of about 40 to 50 hammerheads swimming right bellow them at about 110ft/33m. To finish the first dive as we got closer to the boat dolphins came by chasing jacks all over the site and on both dives we had the silky sharks right under the boat coming by during our safety stop!
Our third and fourth dive we were full of manta activity, we had 2 excellent dives with 6 different mantas, 4 chevron and 2 black mantas, the black ones are usually not as playful as the chevrons but today they kept the show running! Our divers were all very excited and posed with the mantas for pictures and video on both dives, at the end everybody was hanging at the safety stop looking to the mantas like saying "I dont want to go home!". Another great day of diving aboard the Solmar V!
DM on board Solmar V

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