Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On our 2nd day in La Paz, it took only about 5 minutes to find whale sharks!

Second day in La Paz area and this morning we decided to go snorkeling instead of diving... wait, snorkeling instead of diving?! YES! We went into La Paz bay to look for whale sharks, as we know they congregate in that area, we knew it was kind of late in the whale shark season but still we had the adventurous spirit to go look for them and it only took about 5 minutes to find them!  We put the pangas in the warm water, (actually was very warm 79F/27C) and divided our divers in 2 groups to go snorkeling with these gigantic animals. Our panga drivers Jeronimo and Luis put us several times in the perfect spots so we could get very nice pictures and video, most of the whale sharks were juveniles, about 7m/21ft, but we did find a couple of adults, that were a little bit bigger and much more relaxed to pose for the cameras. When we got back to the boat after 3 hours of snorkeling with these great animals, all you could see on the boat where smiles!
For the afternoon we decided to go wreck diving, so we moved at lunch time to the Espiritu Santo Island were we anchored at the Fang Ming wreck, a Chinese boat confiscated by the Mexican navy and sunk to create an artificial reef. It sits on a sandy bottom in 70ft/21m of water and it rises all the way to 45ft/13m, so shallow enough to do 2 nice 1 hour dives. The water was 77F/25C with no current at all, what made it easy to go and explore all around the wreck. While exploring it we found moray eels, a lot of sea fans, schools of snappers and grunts around it and also a green sea turtle that posed for the cameras!

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