Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island was quite amazing once again!

The diving in Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island was quite amazing once again! Jumping in to the water at the first dive and 8-9 Dolphins awaited the first group that jumped in, and guess what, the friendly Dolphin that loves to be pet on her belly was with the resident pod of Socorro! She just presented herself in front of Adil (our onboard videographer) and immediately he knew that different behavior was not the usual, so he extended his hand to reach her belly and there was the connection! She didn't mind at all, everybody in the group took turns and had their chance to pet her, later on the second dive group arrived to the scene and also had their moment with this amazing wild animal encounter too! Later on in the dive the Mantas started showing up to get cleaned by the indigenous Clarion Angelfishes that lined up in formation to swim over every single Manta that approached for their cleaning! On the second dive the visibility had dropped a bit down to 40'/12m about, but the water temperature remained in the 80F/26C, three Mantas were still there getting cleaned and we spent the entire 60 minute dive providing these giant mantas with bubble massages!  By the third dive in the afternoon, the south current had picked pretty strong and brought up murky water by the ridge; we couldn't do much about it, so the plan was to hang out for a while by one of the peaks cleaning stations hoping to see some schools of Hammerhead Sharks. While we drifted in the blue towards the safety stop, 3 Mantas and 1 Dolphin gave a brief but close and good pass. This is how we spent the day at Socorro Island, another unforgettable adventure aboard the Solmar V at the Revillagigedo's! Tonight we're heading towards Roca Partida, the wind has calmed down a bit but good enough to cruise up to the rock. Stayed tuned! Hasta la próxima, Erick Higuera

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