Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sharks, mantas, dolphins, with fish everywhere at Roca Partida!

We finally made it to Roca, after days of wind, Mother Nature gave us a break! We had a short day of diving, but it was very good! The first dive a pod of dolphins welcomed us at the northern point, the current was flowing from North so we spent big part of the dive here, where we saw some sharks, Galapagos, silver tips, white tips with fish everywhere! What really helped us enjoy the dive was the water temperature, still 81F, Visibility was well over 80ft.  We drifted to the southern point where we had a brief encounter with a black manta before ending our dive! The second dive started at the northern point due to the current, so from beginning to end of the dive we had the same manta with sharks in the same area, even white tip sharks were rubbing against manta to get rid of some parasites! The second part of the dive was at the southern point of the rock, hoping to find hammer heads which we did! It is always fun to see them schooling, 60 individuals at 100ft of water so very accessible, of course the started to move also to this point due the current that started to change, For the rest of the day, we started to look for bait balls and took advantage of a nice flat ocean!  We found dolphins in the area, and the visibility out here is amazing, we ended our day with a beautiful sunset over Roca Partida!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata.

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