Monday, May 26, 2014

Our destination is the Sea of Cortes!

Our destination is the Sea of Cortes!
Today we had an exciting day of sharks here in the Sea of Cortes, and it all started with an amazing sunrise!
Our first dive of the trip was in a place called El Rincon, in the bay of Los Frailes!  As with all trips, we did a checkout dive to fine tune our gear before the big show! This area was abundant in lots of juvenile fish like snappers, parrot fish, puffers, etc, shelter area for all type of juvenile fish, there were some sea lions in the area also barking very loudly, the conditions were great with over 50' visibility, no current and a surface temp of 82˚F/26˚C!
The second dive took place at El Bajo one of the main dive sites here at Cabo Pulmo, starting from north in a very nice and mild current, a good way to find south end of the reef, there was an amazing the congregation of fish in this area, from yellow snappers, groupers, parrot fish, Moorish idols, yellow tail surgeon fish, some Panamic pork fish, golden groupers, garden eels and a big sea turtle showed up too!  The hard coral were very colorful with different tones of green and browns, indicating that they are very healthy. This place invites you to just lay in the bottom and enjoy life, with your camera in hand, and wait for everything to  all come to you for the picture to be taken, we did not want the dive to end! Visibility was 80ft/24m and water temp 82˚F/26˚C, at the end of the dive current changed a bit flowing north so we took the ride back drifting in it for a safety top at the same time we had the opportunity to see the reef from shallow water.
The third dive took place at El Vencedor, it was once a wreck dive although there are pieces all over, so really cannot tell it was a tuna boat any more, but fish uses it as shelter, at only 50ft/15m you can sit on the bottom and wait all fish will surround you! You cannot see out of this circle of fish, the best thing can ever happen to you in this place is to have a close encounter with bull sharks as we did, they like to circle this place, come across the dive area so you really have to keep your eyes open, they just show up next to you before you know it and it is too late to snag a photo!  We had the joy to dive with 9 of these majestic animals in the same frame, then 4, but there are also a lot of groupers in this area that want to get your attention really bad. The wreck lays on sandy bottom which mean lots and lots of garden ells, these things come out of the bottom as much as 2ft, so you are watching them and before you know it bull shark shows up swimming barely touching the bottom and leaving a path of no garden eels, they hide below, then slowly come out again.
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