Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We closed this 11 days trip with non-stop dolphin action!

Today we closed this 11 days trip with the folks from Backscatter with non-stop dolphin action early on all the morning dives at El Cañón! Some dolphins if weren't chasing Bigeye Jacks and were instead playing with every single diver that was in the water. By lunch time, all the dolphins had gone offshore to look for some bait fish to feed on. All the dives were full of pretty good Hammerhead Sharks passes by the cleaning station, by the sand and swimming up the ridge! The Mantas made their appearance to receive their weekly bubble massage, in fact some of the divers had the chance to be pushed towards the sand by a Manta while receiving the sparkling massage. After lunch we all decided to adventure offshore and look for any pelagic action, either baitballs, dolphins, false killer whales or whatever we could find in the open water; this time we weren't that lucky, however the diving in the morning was really great. Tonight we're heading back to Cabo San Lucas to prepare the boat for another amazing adventure onboard the SolmarV. Don't miss Adil's video trip report, stand by! 
Nos vemos en la próxima! 
Erick Higuera

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