Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We had a blast here at Roca, from the beginning to end of the day we had sharks all over the rock!

We did 3 dives at Roca Partida where we had top notch conditions on each dive!  On our way to the rock from the Solmar V, dolphins were jumping at the northern point, we took this as an omen that we had a good day of diving ahead of us!  Once we hit the water, we made our descent.  At 70' we had 4 adult dolphins accompanying us, as usual they were showing off, swimming circles around our divers, showing their bellys before slowly free falling down deep!  From the beginning to end of the day we had sharks all over the rock!  At one time we had silky sharks chasing hundreds upon hundreds of stripe bonitos at only 50' of water in the north west side of the rock.  We spent time watching how they all move as a whole until they disappeared from our sight!  Right after they did a chevron manta made a brief appearance!  There were lots of adult Galapagos sharks in the area, they are not afraid of our bubbles so they came very close to us at times!
White tips seemed to be interested in one female shark, we saw about 10 of them chasing her all over the southern point.  The southern point is also the same place we spotted a school of hammerheads several times, and during our safety stops the silky sharks kept coming closer and closer! We had a blast here at ROCA everyone was was very happy! 
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Daniel Zapata

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