Monday, May 12, 2014

Dolphins, mantas, a whale shark, and more at San Benedicto!

Today we came back from Roca Partida to San Benedicto. We decided to start the diving day at El Boiler, where the dolphins were hanging around. Five or six of them were very playful with the people, and our divers had the opportunity to take a bunch of pictures of them. Also four mantas were there during the dives. Outside El Boiler, a big school of skip jacks were there. In the afternoon we moved to El Canon, where for our surprise a male whale shark were there for more than 25 minutes with the divers! Tomorrow will be our last day of the trip, we will start the day diving in El Canon! For the moment the people are very happy with the dives we had today and now we are having dinner, BBQ outside with a beautiful sunset!
DM onboard Solmar V 


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