Friday, May 2, 2014

After the wind calmed down, the sea was like a swimming pool!

After that the wind was blowing for 9 days, it finally it calmed down completely and the sea was like a swimming pool; perfect conditions to be at Roca Partida all day! The water temperature is on the rise all over the archipelago, we had 78F water and no thermocline with over 70' visibility.  All three dives were fun and relaxing around the rock, we could swim couple of laps around of it without any problem, anyway, the Whitetip Reef Sharks were very active patrolling the south point in the haunting mood. Out in the blue a school of Black Jacks indicated the presence of 40-50 Hammerhead Sharks that were still deep, 130'/40m on top of the school we could see them perfectly though! Hundreds of thousands of Pacific Creolefishes cover Roca and once in a while would fricked out and swam all together back to the shelters of the rock escaping of 100 lb Yellowfin Tunas that cruised by. The Galapagos and Silvertips were also active but still down deep, only on the first dive di we get lucky and see them at 100/30m in the North point. That is how we spend our day at Roca, tonight after dinner we'll go back to San Benedicto looking forwad to diving at EL Boiler, meanwhile while the sunset, Jeronimo arranged a panga ride by the rock to take incredible pictures of this amazing pinnacle in the middle of nowhere. Stayed tuned for the next SolmarV adventures! Erick Higuera

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