Thursday, May 8, 2014

We had a little bit of everything today, mantas, dolphins, sharks, and lots of reef fish!

We spent our entire day at Socorro Island doing 4 dives at el Canon!  During the first dive of the day wehad the opportunity to play with dolphins, it didn't take long to find them.  We knew they were heading our way because their clicks got louder and louder until they finally found us!  We witnessed some interesting dolphin behaviors throughout the day, giving us a lot of talk about during our surface interval!  We also spotted some hammerheads here and there!  On our second dive the groups split up into two and each went in a different direction!  One group spent the entire hour long dive with up to four mantas, 3 chevron and one black, they were all over the places from 20-80' deep.  The other group spent their time on the south eastern corner of the dive site, where a school of about 30 hammerheads showed up!  Our divers stayed planted and watched as the school of sharks cruised just above our heads!  Those minutes or seconds spent up close with these magnificent creatures is enough to inspire you to attempt everything in your power to protect them, and you can count on us!  In shallow water above the corner we saw a school of well over 200 jacks that occasionally provided us with a bit of shade, during our safety stop we were accompanied by a silky shark and one friendly giant manta!  During the third and fourth dives we found more mantas, we counted 6 different giant mantas throughout the whole day, and on our fourth dive the school of hammerheads showed up one last time, we had everything to please our guests today, mantas, dolphins, sharks, and lots of reef fish! 
Dive Instructor
Daniel Zapata

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