Sunday, May 4, 2014

A phenomenal manta and dolphin filled day at San Benedicto!

Hola everyone!  Have you ever thought about diving with dolphins? We made that dream come true for all our guests today, we had an encounter with 16 to 20 dolphins in the north/north west side of the dive area!  This group of dolphins was exceptionally playful, slow swimmers, posing in front of us, swimming in loops, slowly free falling down deep, just inches away from your fingers, just out of reach! These dolphins were doing all sorts of things, showing us just how playful they can be! We had them in the area for pretty much the entire dive along with with 3 mantas together, 2 chevrons and a black one. This gave our guests the opportunity to get both dolphins and mantas in the same frame, check out Ericks awesome photos!  The dolphins would swim across the mantas path while we were taking pictures and then the mantas would swim in front of the dolphins wanting to feel more bubbles on their belly, at the same time we had another group of divers doing panga snorkeling with  2 families of humpback whales mom and calf, possibly the last ones of the season!  We came back to do a scuba dive after the first scuba dive group, our surprise was to find the same group of dolphins and mantas at only 60ft of water/18m, so playful still, but only for 6 divers, pictures taken non-stop, many of which could be entered in the annual Solmar V photo contest. We had mantas for the entire dive, with dolphins that kept coming back from every direction in small groups of 4 and 5! Water temp also in the mid 70's with 80' visibility! On 2 consecutive dives dolphins and mantas made a great positive impressions to our customers of what the Socorro Islands have to offer.  We did 2 more dives since everything is here at el boiler, the mantas never went away, eventually we had to get out the water since it was time to head back home, many people had mixed emotions, some very happy for the amazing diving on our final day, and some wishing they could stay out here indefinitely, but everyone got enough photos and memories that this will be a trip they will never forget!
Dive Inst Daniel Zapata


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