Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We had playful mantas and dolphins on our first full day at San benedicto!

Hi there! We started the first full dive day of this trip with the folks of with another 3 great dives at the office of SolmarV in Socorro Islands! The water temperature was around 75F/24C and with over 50' visibility, a bit of current pushed the thermocline towards the surface along with a bit of murky water, however we still had plenty of action! We had the great opportunity to play with 6 friendly and very playful Mantas that never got tired of getting the bubble massage that our 16 amateur and professional photographers provided for them in all the dives. Every single diver had a handful of amazing opportunities to take photos and film these majestic giants. On top of that, during the first two dives the usual pod of 16 Bottlenose Dolphins paraded between our divers. At the end of the second dive two of the friendly mantas together with a pair of Dolphins accompanied the divers up to the surface like not wanting the divers to get out of the water. By the third dive there were only two Mantas, but they spent the entire dive hanging out with everybody. The plan for tomorrow is to begin diving at El Cañón, with the hopes of finding the resident school of Hammerhead Sharks that inhabits the ridge. Stayed tuned for the next SolmarV adventures with the Backscatter group! 
 Hasta la próxima, 
Erick Higuera


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