Sunday, May 18, 2014

We had an easy checkout dive at Las Cuevas!

LAS CUEVAS We had an easy check out dive in a very mild current from north, vis was only 30ft,10m and water temp of 77F, we went all over the place with lots of fish in the area.  We saw lobsters, eels, 6 white tips, a couple of diamond sting rays gliding over the hard coral, we took the time to stay still and observe the hard coral.  The hard coral is actually home for fish cleaners waiting for a guest needing their services, its a mini station where mostly parrot fish hover over this place opening all fins and mouth, a sign of a tasty job that needs to be done! Every body was happy and looking forward to a great day with mantas and dolphins tomorrow morning! 
Dive Inst. 
Daniel Zapata

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